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Shelena Tate

Hi my name is Shelena Tate I grew up in the SC Foster Care System for (17yrs). The expectations of my life were slim to none as most statictics asume. Yet, what I’ve learned over the years is that everything i’ve gone through was for a greater purpose.

What is that purpose you ask?…. part of if is expressing myself now to you in this blog lol! Yet, I never imagined the visions and strides it took to even get to this place. I hope this new blog outlet will motivate you to write, express, and thrive in positive ways. I understand that not everyone grew up in the Foster Care System, but I’d also like to talk about your personal notions.

You don’t have to get into embarrasing, painful, or touchy rants, just….let us take 1 post at a time. This post is dedicated to a Day 1 Challenge to express your expierence dealing with Foster Care entry. I’ll start off by saying i was around the age of 3 or so and I recall being escorted from a day care….I wrote about this in part 1 of my testimony

Yet, i’m writing now to include you to feel like a new path that is waiting to blossom…I look forward to diving into these conversations as encouragement and healing are greater goals.

This site won’t tolerate bullying, harrasment, or derogatory language, violators will be blocked…

With that being said, let us dive into the Day 1 Challenge…..


Published by tfom4u

Grew up in the SC, Foster Care System for 17 years. Published the 1st of a 3 part memoir back in 2018 called Fostered. Currently developing a Foster Youth service called TFOM (The Fisher of Men). It's a one-stop achievement outlet to empower Foster Care Youth ages 8-18. (Currently in the Works)!

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