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How’s The Writing?

Hi everyone, I wanted to start this new blog to start a chat with you!

Are you an aspiring author?

current author?

know an author?

If so, for this (!1st Blog) I have some questions I’d like for you to answer

If you are an aspiring author, have you started, in progress, or have procrastination? While answering the following explain the process and book(s) you’d like to write and why. If you are procrastination (why?) don’t feel bad this is just to hopefully help your wheels to get turning and provide encouragement.

Know that it is never too late to follow you (God-given) /must say this ….purpose! Don’t let anyone even your thoughts or age stop what God wants to do in you. Now…you may be saying oh..boy here she goes talking about God lol….Well why not! He’s giving you the breath, idea(s), and book(s)….why can’t He help unfold your testimony?!

I know you probably have a lot of people in your ear (even your thoughts) telling you it is impossible or can’t be done….but I can attest it can! Who knows just by you taking the time to respond to me, the wheels may start to turn and that book you have put off may start to blossom…

I look forward to reading and responding to your thoughts……Let’s progress together!


Published by tfom4u

Grew up in the SC, Foster Care System for 17 years. Published the 1st of a 3 part memoir back in 2018 called Fostered. Currently developing a Foster Youth service called TFOM (The Fisher of Men). It's a one-stop achievement outlet to empower Foster Care Youth ages 8-18. (Currently in the Works)!

6 thoughts on “How’s The Writing?

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