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Talking is also….. Healing

Hi everyone, so I’m creating this new Blog Post for the Flowers 4 Mama Facebook Page.

What is Flowers 4 Mama? it is an upcoming short film highlighting (Mental Health) through the eyes of my mother! November 19th marks the 1 year of her passing as her Birthday also approaches on 12/12/2019.

This Blog is dedicated to my healing journey and I would like you as the reader to take this journey with me….

The title of this Blog is Talking is also…..Healing, but my talking comes mostly through my writing…..So you could say Writing is also….Healing. To celebrate the start of this journey I would to ask a few questions like I have for previous and different posts…

So to begin, the 1st challenge question I would like to inquire is from the following

Do you know someone with Mental Health concerns?

Does this person live with you?

work with you?

communicate with you?

If so to any of the above just write what is comfortable to you, I’m not asking you to present something that will frustrate you, anger you, or cause you to breakdown….although you would have every right to if you discovered that individual may be victium of a wrongful death!

Yes, I said wrongful death, a matter I will present as time goes on in (our ) conversations! But first let’s continue breaking the ice and consider responding to the above and your (new) thought of the wrongful death statement…..I know alot to consider…But now that I have your attention….let’s progress together!

Please leave an (appropriate) comment!


Published by tfom4u

Grew up in the SC, Foster Care System for 17 years. Published the 1st of a 3 part memoir back in 2018 called Fostered. Currently developing a Foster Youth service called TFOM (The Fisher of Men). It's a one-stop achievement outlet to empower Foster Care Youth ages 8-18. (Currently in the Works)!

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