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My First Blog Post

Foster Care 4 U!

Healing comes, when our surroundings, outlets, and associations propel us forward!

-Shelena Tate

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more.

Day 1: Everyone at some point has heard about, know someone, or has expierence with Foster Care. Often this is a touchy subject that many people like to forget or brush to the side. However, what I’ve found as a now published author is writing is a form of healing. No, I’m not suggesting that you need therapy or something is wrong. I’m expressing how writting has helped me to become free…..and maybe it can help you!

As part of this Day 1 challenge, I’d like to talk to you and converse on you experience dealing with Foster Care. For now I’d like to know

How did you enter into the system?

Do you know someone in the system?

How does this knowledge make you feel?

You don’t have to answer all 3, only what is relevant to you. Once again this is just a day 1 Ice Breaker you don’t have to share or get graphic about anything painful. This is just an outlet to assist in writing as a form of personal healing. Who knows maybe one day your testimony will also help others……


Published by tfom4u

Grew up in the SC, Foster Care System for 17 years. Published the 1st of a 3 part memoir back in 2018 called Fostered. Currently developing a Foster Youth service called TFOM (The Fisher of Men). It's a one-stop achievement outlet to empower Foster Care Youth ages 8-18. (Currently in the Works)!

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