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My First Blog Post

Foster Care 4 U!

Healing comes, when our surroundings, outlets, and associations propel us forward!

-Shelena Tate

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more.

Day 1: Everyone at some point has heard about, know someone, or has expierence with Foster Care. Often this is a touchy subject that many people like to forget or brush to the side. However, what I’ve found as a now published author is writing is a form of healing. No, I’m not suggesting that you need therapy or something is wrong. I’m expressing how writting has helped me to become free…..and maybe it can help you!

As part of this Day 1 challenge, I’d like to talk to you and converse on you experience dealing with Foster Care. For now I’d like to know

How did you enter into the system?

Do you know someone in the system?

How does this knowledge make you feel?

You don’t have to answer all 3, only what is relevant to you. Once again this is just a day 1 Ice Breaker you don’t have to share or get graphic about anything painful. This is just an outlet to assist in writing as a form of personal healing. Who knows maybe one day your testimony will also help others……


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Talking is also….. Healing

Hi everyone, so I’m creating this new Blog Post for the Flowers 4 Mama Facebook Page.

What is Flowers 4 Mama? it is an upcoming short film highlighting (Mental Health) through the eyes of my mother! November 19th marks the 1 year of her passing as her Birthday also approaches on 12/12/2019.

This Blog is dedicated to my healing journey and I would like you as the reader to take this journey with me….

The title of this Blog is Talking is also…..Healing, but my talking comes mostly through my writing…..So you could say Writing is also….Healing. To celebrate the start of this journey I would to ask a few questions like I have for previous and different posts…

So to begin, the 1st challenge question I would like to inquire is from the following

Do you know someone with Mental Health concerns?

Does this person live with you?

work with you?

communicate with you?

If so to any of the above just write what is comfortable to you, I’m not asking you to present something that will frustrate you, anger you, or cause you to breakdown….although you would have every right to if you discovered that individual may be victium of a wrongful death!

Yes, I said wrongful death, a matter I will present as time goes on in (our ) conversations! But first let’s continue breaking the ice and consider responding to the above and your (new) thought of the wrongful death statement…..I know alot to consider…But now that I have your attention….let’s progress together!

Please leave an (appropriate) comment!

How’s The Writing?

Hi everyone, I wanted to start this new blog to start a chat with you!

Are you an aspiring author?

current author?

know an author?

If so, for this (!1st Blog) I have some questions I’d like for you to answer

If you are an aspiring author, have you started, in progress, or have procrastination? While answering the following explain the process and book(s) you’d like to write and why. If you are procrastination (why?) don’t feel bad this is just to hopefully help your wheels to get turning and provide encouragement.

Know that it is never too late to follow you (God-given) /must say this ….purpose! Don’t let anyone even your thoughts or age stop what God wants to do in you. Now…you may be saying oh..boy here she goes talking about God lol….Well why not! He’s giving you the breath, idea(s), and book(s)….why can’t He help unfold your testimony?!

I know you probably have a lot of people in your ear (even your thoughts) telling you it is impossible or can’t be done….but I can attest it can! Who knows just by you taking the time to respond to me, the wheels may start to turn and that book you have put off may start to blossom…

I look forward to reading and responding to your thoughts……Let’s progress together!

Shelena Tate

Hi my name is Shelena Tate I grew up in the SC Foster Care System for (17yrs). The expectations of my life were slim to none as most statictics asume. Yet, what I’ve learned over the years is that everything i’ve gone through was for a greater purpose.

What is that purpose you ask?…. part of if is expressing myself now to you in this blog lol! Yet, I never imagined the visions and strides it took to even get to this place. I hope this new blog outlet will motivate you to write, express, and thrive in positive ways. I understand that not everyone grew up in the Foster Care System, but I’d also like to talk about your personal notions.

You don’t have to get into embarrasing, painful, or touchy rants, just….let us take 1 post at a time. This post is dedicated to a Day 1 Challenge to express your expierence dealing with Foster Care entry. I’ll start off by saying i was around the age of 3 or so and I recall being escorted from a day care….I wrote about this in part 1 of my testimony

Yet, i’m writing now to include you to feel like a new path that is waiting to blossom…I look forward to diving into these conversations as encouragement and healing are greater goals.

This site won’t tolerate bullying, harrasment, or derogatory language, violators will be blocked…

With that being said, let us dive into the Day 1 Challenge…..